Are you looking for Certified translations from Khmer into English? You are at the right place!

Khmer Translation Services translates your documents — from personal to immigration-use paperwork– from Khmer into English and vice versa for such purposes.

We stamp the translated documents with a “CERTIFIED” stamp for uses in your paperwork filed with Immigration Departments, Courts, Homeland Security Departments and other bodies.

Those departments and bodies will accept the translation documents carried oy by us. We are CERTIFIED LINGUISTS.

Documents we normally translate:

  1. ID Card. Khmer Nationality Identity Card.
  2. Birth Certificate.
  3. Marriage License.
  4. Family Record Book.
  5. Record Book of Residency.
  6. Certificate of Conduct or Criminal Record Certificate [Certificate of Clearance].
  7. Transcript.
  8. Diploma, Certificate.
  9. Certificate of Singlehood.
  10. Land Ownership Title.
  11. Contract.
  12. Report.
  13. High School School Transcript.
  14. Job/Salary Verification Letter, etc.
  15. Other documents for Visa Applications and Immigration.

Price: Please contact us and we will give you a price quote!


Pagnawath Khun is a NAATI CERTIFIED TRANSLATOR for the language pair: Khmer-English, with over 20+ years experience in the translation industry.

Tel: +1 424 222 5555. Email: